Streamlined Practice Management System For Immigration Law Firms

Cloud-based Immigration Case and Compliance Management Software

Front Office

Prospect and Inquiry Management

  • System allows to input prospect details, schedule meetings and consultation, convert the prospect to client, and convert an inquiry in to a case with just few clicks.

Contact and Client Management

  • Extensive contact management tool.
  • Manage all contact information such as their cases, appointment/consultation, documents, related contacts, portal activity etc. in single view.
  • Manage multiple contacts in single screen.
  • Automate client interaction with chat, SMS/MMS, emails and associated templates.
  • Keep track of all client interactions and their case details.
  • Nurture passive clients with relevant information about their cases, dates, and reminders etc. which can be automated.

Appointments and Advanced Calendaring

  • Schedule appointments and sync up with your team calendar.
  • See all the appointments for all the members at a glance.
  • Automate appointment setting with Text/SMS messaging

Keep track of all client interactions and their case details.

  • Sync up all the contacts, calendar and emails from Gmail, exchange, outlook, yahoo, AOL etc.
  • Integrate team calendar with one master google account and sync it up automatically.

Case Management

Case Creation from Inquiry

  • Create case from the enquiry details already gathered.
  • Automatically generate client portals.
  • Automatically send out client invitations to connect and complete their profile questionnaires to minimize data entry for the case work.

Immigration Forms Engine

  • Accurately and automatically fill the immigration forms with form engine and custom questionnaires.
  • Maintain your filed case forms by each case securely
  • Maintain your client case/s history and related documentation at one place

Complete USCIS Forms

  • Custom forms can be added to form engine to automate form filling.
  • Custom forms can be of any case type, immigration or otherwise.
  • Automatically populate the custom forms from the questionnaire data that can be filled by your clients or applicants.

Smart Questionnaires

  • Customize questionnaires if you need it. Our smart questionnaires fill all case forms related to selected case type.

Secure Document Management and Sharing

  • Upload documents to client contact or case
  • Share the documents with clients
  • Allow clients to upload and share the documents with you on their portals.

Document Checklists

  • Customize document checklist for any case type.
  • Clients see the checklist and upload document against each item from their portal.

Case Timer and Integration with Billing

  • Case Timer and Integration with Billing
  • You can switch between cases and our intelligent timer will keep track of each case time separately and bill the time appropriately to the corresponding client.
  • You can preset the hourly rates for case workers and have them track the time if you choose to.
  • Non-billable time also can be tracked for each case.

Custom Case Types

  • Use our global case types or create your own custom case types.
  • Case type can have one or more USCIS or custom forms, templates, document checklist, billing and custom to dos.
  • Every item needed to be completed for the case is automatically created and can be assigned.
  • Custom case type can be assigned to any client case to use the work flow, templates, forms and questionnaires created for the custom case type.

Case Workflows and Automated Tasks

  • Use standard work flow, or create your own work flow.
  • Assign work flow to custom or standard case types.

Integrated Notes

  • Maintain all notes related to client and their cases in one place..
  • Accessible from any screen.
  • Multiple users related to case can contribute to notes, from inquiry, to consultation, and while case progresses until its closure.
  • Notes with attachment.

Customizable Templates

  • Customize templates with automatic filing of system questionnaire fields, or custom defined fields.
  • Once created, any template can be assigned to any case type. Finalized documents are automatically generated with case data.
  • No limit on how many custom templates you can create.
  • Embed your company logo and other details to formalize the document.
  • Generated documents will have PDF and MS Word version to modify further if needed.

Case Assignment Management

  • Assign case to attorney or paralegal as required, and share gathered case related documentation seamlessly.
  • Track case progress.
  • Transfer case from one team member to another.

Paralegal and Office Admin Modules

  • Add and manage paralegal or admin staff.
  • Provide access to specific cases or modules to the admin or paralegal staff.
  • Track activities of staff.
  • Track progress and issue instructions to staff.

Document Assembly

  • Assemble all case documentation in one big file that can be archived for future reference.
  • Assemble various documents that need to be filed as required, with required sequence.

Case Archival and Safe Keeping

  • Maintain filed case documents securely.
  • Create reminders from completed cases and documentation for future action and to-dos.


Communication Hub

  • Communicate privately with clients, applicants, petitioners, related parties etc. and maintain records
  • Communicate about case at hand with clients and maintain records
  • Maintain record of communication with staff about cases, assigned tasks and meetings.

Secure Client Portals

  • Provide each client their own immigration portal.
  • Allow clients to maintain their profile data, upload documents and communicate directly with you on their related cases from their client portal.
  • Allow the clients to retain their portal access for more case work in future.
  • Assign client portal based on the client needs.
    • Standard single or multi case portal
    • Advanced portal with communication, appointments and more
    • Self-serve portal to allow clients generate forms in some cases.
    • Employee portal for work visa clients with timesheet, and assignment management.

Reminders and Alerts

  • Reminders for case dates, deadlines, visa dates, passport expiry, LCA dates and other events for each case or client as per your requirements.
  • Set up your own custom reminders to get notified via email and/or SMS.
  • Set notifications to be sent to your clients, petitioners or applicants automatically as per your requirements.
  • Visa bulletin dates updates automatically and related case status updates and notifications.
  • Automatic notification to clients for case or document expiry rules, and more.
  • Extensive notification, and reminder/alert system for various needs.

Tasks, and to dos

  • Maintain all the required immigration related tasks and to-dos. Maintain all case related to-dos by case, by date, or by client etc.

Email and SMS/Text Templates

  • Create your own email or SMS/Text templates and automate communication with your clients based on trigger events.

Back Office

Professional Invoicing and Payments

  • Invoice by case type or time logged or both as you set it up for your case, automatically.
  • Payment plans (installment plans).
  • Discounts by percentage or flat amount.
  • Automatic invoice notification to client and payment notification to your office.

QuickBooks Integration

  • Integrate invoicing and payments seamlessly with couple clicks.
  • Sync billing and payment data with QuickBooks seamlessly.

Staff Management

  • Manage entire staff of the firm, including Attorneys, Paralegal, Admin and other staff.
  • Provide them controlled access.
  • Track activities
  • Team calendar to resolve conflicts and manage everyone’s time efficiently.
  • Automate case appointments with Text/SMS with automatic staff availability check.

Access Control Management

  • Define and maintain access control to certain modules or data based on user type, role and corporate requirements.

Scheduling and custom workflows

  • Establish your law firm’s processes by defining custom workflows.
  • Create custom workflows or use defined workflows.
  • Create repeatable tasks schedule related to case type and schedule such tasks automatically for case created with such case type.
  • Multiple workflows possible
  • Associate specific workflow with specific case type to automatically enforce the law firm’s process.

Extensive Reporting Capabilities

  • Simple quick reports on case activity, staff activity and more with extensive filtering options based on the type of report.
  • Advanced custom reporting with drag and drop report creation. Reuse and rerun the custom reports. Billing reports to see the payment activity, late payments, partial payments and more.

    Payment Processing

    • Integrate payments processing and receive all credit/debit and check payments in the system.

    Compliance Module

    • All the documentation and reporting at one place to assist you in immigration compliance.